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How Boot Rooms can Help You Survive Changing Weather

Autumn is just around the corner! We imagine you’re looking forward to a season of brisk family hikes, where you’ll look on fondly as the kids leap through the coppery leaves and embark on serious conker-collecting missions. But we also know that such outdoor pursuits can result in unwelcome trails of muddy footprints becoming something of a semi-permanent feature throughout your home.

No more muddy homes

But this doesn’t have to be the case with our Sigma 3 Kitchens boot room. We’re seeing more and more of our customers opt for a boot room feature when designing their new kitchens. Also known as mud rooms, these practical and elegant storage and mud-busting solutions encourage puddle jumping. They leave you at ease when exploring the great outdoors. A boot room can handle any muddied footwear, wet weather gear and grubby paws and children before the chaos has a chance to extend into the heart of your home.

Dog in Sigma 3 Kitchens Boot Room or Mud Room

What’s special about our boot rooms?

Having a dedicated space, like the boot room from The Signature Collection ensures that you and your family’s outdoor apparel remains at the ready with even a moment’s notice of a new outdoor adventure. You can design your boot room in a variety of sizes to cater for any family member, including those with four legs. Create designated spaces for hanging coats, storing boots, stowing bags, popping leads and placing hats. Towels and scarfs that may only need to be called upon on those brisker days can be stored on shelves or in drawers within the boot room. You can place all this within the boot room and still have a place to park any bottoms that need a minute to tie shoelaces, pull on wellies or mitten up while also avoiding a cluttered hallway!

Personalise our mud rooms to suit your style

Each boot room we have designed has been lovingly accessorised by our customers. They've used cosy things like plump cushions and wicker baskets to suit their individual taste and style. And that’s the thing about the boot room, like so many of our innovative storage solutions, not only is it utterly practical in every way, but it also seeps elegance and makes a fantastic style statement. It is a show-stopping feature within your home that is ready to welcome any guests. 

sigma 3 kitchens boot room

sigma 3 kitchens boot room

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